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Yeah in a club

Usher vs Slowmotion

Click here to download  [160kbps 4.0MB]

Remind Me To Pass The Dutch

Missy vs Royksopp

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Move Your GattoMatto

Junior Senior vs Roberto Angelini

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Crazy Sexual Guarantee

Beyoncé vs Alcazar

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She's in da club

Suede vs 50 cent

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It wasn't the agenda

Craig David vs Shaggy

- You may think that you're a player...
- And that's the difference with meeeee!

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Jumpin' Festival

Paola & Chiara vs Destiny's Child

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Indipendent Strut

Joe Bataan vs Destiny's Child

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One Missy beyond

Madness vs Missy Elliott

...you better start to move your feet to the rockinest rock steady beat of missy elliott...

Click here to download  [128kbps 2.6MB]

Survivor # 5

Perez Prado vs Destiny's Child

"...keep on survivin' - Uhh!"   My first bootleg! Enjoy.

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10-9-2003: New version online! (Sound quality greatly improved)

It wasn't Rocky

Rocky vs Shaggy

The Italian Stallion Vs Mister Lova Lova.

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